Byker Hill & Soon to Store

Well since my last blog, back in September, I’ve continued playing sessions and gigging in and around Newcastle with Chester and The Fog and subbed with The Cajun Specials at Yorkshire Cajun & Zydeco Music & Dance Festival and The Kentucky Cow Tippers at a wonderful wedding in Otterburn. I also played a bit of fiddle on Jez Lowe’s rendition of ‘Byker Hill’ for his new album ‘The Dillen Doll’, which accompanies his novel of the same name.

The most exciting news for me though is the completion of my debut album Provenance. I’m elated by the results and all is ready for official release on Friday 6 July 2018! More details are available on the page Provenance plus here are some photos of the first CD opened.


Provenance CD Cover & Booklet


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  1. Looking great great and beautiful Robbie, up on the Roaches I see Doxey Poole I think😊
    Id like a signed copy please let me know how much x

    1. Hey Esther, pretty close! This Blakemere Pool, equidistant to the A53 but in t’other direction and of course I’ll sign one for you; I can do it when I see you next. 🙂 I’m selling them £10 in person and £12 with postage & packaging; the official release date is the 6th July.

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