Sabatants & the National Collection

I was recently kindly contacted by James Tugwell from British Library Sound Archive enquiring about entering my album ‘Provenance’ into the National Collection. It fills me with pride to send a copy off to what is for me such an important resource.

Thanks also to Wil Walker for the wonderful introduction and playing of track 5 ‘The Staffordshire Hornpipe’ from my album on Exile FM. Click here to go to the podcast.

Currently, I’m working on editing and arranging a selection of folk songs for community choir, mixed voices. They’ll be available for no charge from my website. Included so far are: Bonny at Morn, Young Banker, The Female Highwayman, and Freshwater Bay. So if you’re interested in singing these with your choir, send me a message via the contact form and I’ll email them to you when they’re ready!

I’m also excited to be performing at Sabatants, a folk dance festival in Tallinn, Estonia. It’ll be with fellow masters students at Sibelius Academy: Eva Väljaots, Olli Sippola and our ensemble tutor Jouko Kyhälä. You can read more info about the festival and group by clicking here. You can also watch a video of us playing at Nordic Dance Helsinki below:

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