Main Prize at Mooste Elohelü

This summer Eva Väljaots and I won the main prize at Mooste Elohelü, a folk festival in Estonia.

In the competition, each act performed their own musical interpretation of a particular wedding song from the Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiiv (Estonian Folklore Archives). Along with this each act performed a second piece which was inspired by a traditional tune/song/misc. of their own choosing. Mine and Eva’s second piece was inspired by another recording from the Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiiv of Mari Sutt imitating the song of a lark.

Here’s an extract of the lark song:

We had a wonderful time at the festival and my thanks go out to all who were there. I’m especially grateful to our fellow competitors for such a fascinating concert and those who came along to our afternoon gig which was immensely enjoyable.

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