My debut album ‘Provenance’ is to be released on the 6th July. I’ll be adding new samples to the playlist every Friday until the release date.

I’ve recently had great fun playing music with Sam Partridge (harmonium) working on stuff for my final recital at Newcastle. This piece is one of mine dedicated to a woolly hat I lost during the winter.

This is a tune I wrote and recorded many years ago for a good friend, where I play 5-string fiddle & guitar.

Here’s some session work I did with Ceitidh Mac playing 5-string fiddle.

A short lived folk trio with my pals Michael Biggins (Piano Accordion) & James Taylor (Guitar).

‘The Hot Club of Fenham’ is a gypsy jazz duo I play in with Jim Richardson on guitar; we recorded an EP last summer called ‘Geordie Jives’.