Back on the Toon

Since the last post I’ve had some great gigs in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire with ‘The Hot Club of Fenham’ at Aberjazz Festival and a couple supporting Pete Morton and Allan Taylor at my local folk club, Folk at the Foxlowe.

I’m also back playing with one of my favourite bands Chester & the Fog and after having a wonderful gig at The Ship Inn, Low Newton we are starting a bluegrass concert and jam night at Bar Loco, Newcastle. This will take place on first Thursday of every month; the first couple will be on 2nd November and 7th December.

Today I’m joining, Newcastle Fiddler, Tom McConville for songs and tunes at a Charity Concert in Aid of the Lisieux Trust at Alstonfield Village Hall.

‘Provenance’ is still coming along grand, with everything recorded now bar a few fiddle and vocal tracks. This time in the studio featured Coral Reid on Oboe and more Will Hammond on the vibraphone. Release is now set to be late October/early November.

Here’s a clip I took of Ian Stephenson recording his part on the first track of the album.

Here’s a snap Ian Stephenson took of myself and Will Hammond in the studio at Thropton.

Halfway through recording ‘Provenance’

We’re now just over halfway through the recording process of my debut album ‘Provenance’ and so, being too excited to wait for any editing/mixing to be done, here’s some snippets:

The album is being recorded and produced by Ian Stephenson at Simpson Street Studios‘ Northumberland complex in Thropton. It’s been greatly enjoyable; the guest musicians have been fantastic and hearing the music come to life makes all the work put into writing the scores feel completely worth it.

So far on the recordings you can hear:

Concertina: Alex Wade
Vibraphone: Will Hammond
Guitar: Ian Stephenson
‘Cello: Mark Carroll
Bassoon: Sam Partridge
Myself: 5-String Fiddle

A Hat Trick of Unique Gigs

[Re-uploaded since updating page]

Today (9th July), marks the third peculiar but delightful performance venue in a row, the previous being a ‘Worm Charming Festival with ‘Pig Man’, and a military base with ‘The Kentucky Cow Tippers’.

A performance with ‘Brennan & Buchanan’ at Stafford Castle was the latest venture, which proved to be great fun. It feels a long time ago when I recorded as a session musician on their album ‘The Bird and the Rose’ and it was delightful to perform their songs live to a welcoming and receptive audience.

I’m now looking forward to even more interesting venues and bands to sub and guest with!

photo: Stafford Castle